Reminded of Moose

Every day is another lesson learned. I make more mistakes than most, these are just my thoughts… David Moose Fraser was way more than a classmate, Sex-o-let or cautionary tale for beach goers. Those labels were a speck on one of his lovely eyelashes as to who he was in his lifetime. To look at him, or any of us, in the end, through one of those myopic lenses sells us all short. He was a funny, thoughtful person with aspirations, hopes and doubts who surely thought, like most of us, that he had time to wrangle the ends in his life that may have felt loose.

To see posts of the news story of his death irks me (again, my thoughts/opinion). Granted, I found a local Outer Banks article and sent it to the couple people I asked about what happened who had shared unsure peripheral stories. We all want answers for something so unforeseen, shocking and tragic. To share those publicly though, paints Moose as 49 yr old, David Fraiser (his name is not even spelled right) from Fredericksburg, VA. We know he was not “from” VA. One of these stories even said “adult man dies in 4 ft of sand”, the wording of that completely offended me.

Me, who on reading about his death on FB was suddenly reminded of him and searched my inbox for his old emails with a heavy heart while regretting lost touch. So, I cannot imagine how those that figured in his life daily, loved him dearly and prayed they’d never have to say a last goodbye to him must feel about these impersonal postings.

I sometimes think a better use of birthday wishes in social media would be to tell that person what we would miss most about them. Too late, but… Rest in love, Moose Fraser, I’ll miss your genuine laugh, annoying politics, unearthly blue starburst eyes, encouragement of my writing and that I didn’t know you better.