2013-09-11 15.07.54

(I’ll) never forget… the fiery, unbelievable sight; the horrific realization of the 2nd plane hit; the despondent and thoroughly powerless feeling while watching it burn; the rumbling sound of collapse and collective “oh my god’s” that rose from the surrounding roofs watching open-mouthed, teary-eyed and incredulous; the sickening slap in the face (by reality) on waking Sept 12 2001; the fully-staffed hospitals poised for a recovery influx that never came; the need to repetitively watch replays and coverage in helpless detail to “understand” the unfathomable; the acrid smell that cloaked us in poisonous exhaust for months; the leadened dust, blasted out windows, annihilated car shells and wafting office debris that morphed downtown into a post-apocalyptic wasteland; the heart-wrenching  “missing” photos of beloved ghosts posted in the subways;  the uncertainty that dogged one like a malevolent shadow through the streets and turned entering Grand Central into a psychological challenge; the fruitless hours standing in line of desperately eager volunteers at the Javits Center; the thoughtful shrines outside the grieving firehouses; the clapping and sign-waving encouragement of the supportive crowds along the West Side highway creating a parade-like atmosphere for those unwittingly sacrificing their lungs to the clean-up effort…  knowing no matter how many years pass, it would be impossible to forget.  9/11 — most certainly not forgotten.


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