Radio Active


I am in my humid hometown for the summer due to finding NYC unbearable in the rank heat (and in the frigid cold, and in the trendy selfish crowds, and in the over-priced cruelty, and in just about every day there is, etc.) as well as having no work there.

I’m at the mercy of FL radio in the car here… in the words of Blurred Lines… “hey, hey, hey” (it’s humanly impossible to hear this song and not sing that part). I border on loving it (in the bratty yet catchy words of Icona Pop) and in a perfect (and purple) world that would be a Prince song.

I have no idea what they played on one FL station before that “Welcome to the New Age” song (aka, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons). It is on every time I’m in the car (and I ride the bike a lot).

Feel like the radio gods have smiled heartily on me when I hear Mackelmore’s “Same Love”. The lyrics are over due and I never fail to belt out the “I can’t change” part like an overzealous American Idol hopeful. (“Overzealous American Idol hopeful” – oops, is that redundant?)

I’m embarrassed to admit (but that’s never stopped me before) I kinda like the “Come and Get It” tune by that 4 yr old, Selena Gomez. It’s the Bollywood vibe that suckers me in (albeit, Punjabi MC and Jay Z did it better, but again, I‘m prisoner of the car radio’s lockdown).

Each time I hear that One Direction song (which fortunately is not much because it’s “old”), I sing, “without love… it ain’t much, it ain’t much“. Is this not Shelia E’s Glamorous Life by an auto tuned boy band?

Being in a highly military and southern locale, certain songs are on a perpetual playlist like they just came out… BOC’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” and anything off Soundgarden’s Superunknown. I guess I may be part hillbilly soldier because Superunknown is one of my all-time favorite albums.

I do some pretty pitch perfect ; ) mimicry of Anna Kendrick on  “Cups” as sung from a delusional, smitten Poop (my cat, pictured above) to Quizno (his unrequited summer romance)… “You’re gonna miss me by my hair (loss), you’re gonna miss me (peeing) everywhere. Oh, you’re sure gonna miss me when I’m gone (with my fat ass back to NYC).”


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